SUNDAY  SEPTEMBER 1, 2018             11 AM TO 3 PM



Open to any individual, team, or business. Professionals and amateurs will compete equally.

Entry fee is $20 per entry.  Any individual, team, or business may have no more than TWO entries presented for judging.  Each entry will receive an identifying number for judging purposes.  Overall competition is limited to 20 entries.  Pre-entry is highly recommended.  Mail to Mendota Tri County Fair  P O Box 142 Mendota, IL   61342 or drop off at Setchell Agency  618 6th Street Mendota before August 31, 2018.

Judging will begin at 11 AM  and end at 3 PM or when all judging tickets have been sold and returned for calculation.  Set-up will begin at 10 am and all entrants must be in place by 10:45 AM and ready to serve at 11 AM. 

Participants should enter Gate 1 at north end of grounds and follow signage directions.

Each contestant will be provided one 110 outlet for use during competition if desired.  All other equipment, tables, chairs, and serving materials must be provided by contestant.

Entrants may sell other food items at conclusion of competition.  No sales prior to or during competition event. 

Contestants may sell competition entries and/or other ethnic FOOD items on additional days of fair if they secure a permit from the LaSalle County Health Department, provide proof of $100,000 liability insurance, and pay a $50 per day rental fee.


Contestant may use poultry, pork,  or beef to create their entry.

Each contestant shall prepare a minimum of 100 servings to be judged by the public.  Food should be prepared and served according to rules and regulations as set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Safety.

Entry is to be the contestant’s own creation.  All servings should be prepared alike, without choice of additional garnish.  Sauces or marinades may be commercially prepared or used as components of contestant’s entry.   Shells may be commercially prepared or created by participant.


Judges (public) will present a ticket stub to receive an entry for judging.  The “ticket” portion will be used as the judging sheet and returned by judges to fair officials.

Contestants will be reimbursed $1 for each ticket received from judges.  Judging sheets and stubs returned for reimbursement will be reconciled for accuracy.

All participants will be recognized and top three will receive awards at conclusion of event.

Committee will act upon any and all items not covered by these printed rules day of competition.  Decisions of committee will be final.


NAME:____________________________________BUSINESS AFFILIATION (IF ANY):____________________________

ADDRESS:_______________________________________________ CITY/STATE______________________________

PHONE:___________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS:_______________________________________________

Number of entries _______ X $20      (Maximum 2 entries per contestant/team))        $______________

Additional serving days    ___________ days x $50 per day                                                $______________

                                                                                                                             Total enclosed $_______________

My signature on this entry acknowledges that I will comply with the rules and regulations of safe food handling per the Illinois Department of Health and Safety regarding the preparation and serving of my entries in this competition and will abide and accept as final all decisions of the committee of the Mendota Tri County Fair Association Inc.


Date:___________________                                        Signed________________________________________________